What is Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA?

Amazon allows it’s sellers to outsource order fulfillment and shipping to Amazon, It is called Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA. Sellers send their products to Amazon warehouses or fulfillment centers in it. When a customer place the order, Amazon employees check, pack, and ship the order. In fact Amazon also provide customer support service and process returns for FBA orders.

Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA

How a seller can start Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) step by step;

Fulfillment by Amazon can help decrease fulfillment headaches as you scale your business. You must know that How to create FBA shipment to send your inventory first.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) step by step

1. First of all you need to create your Amazon selling account, and set up FBA. Before enrolling into Amazon FBA you must check FBA fees and policies carefully.

2. Then you add products to the Amazon catalogue, specify FBA inventory in your Seller account. To set up FBA you need to submit some documents to get approved by Amazon. Click here to see the Document list.

3. Now you will come on the very important step which is called shipment creation. Now you need to prepare your products for the shipment to your nearest fulfillment center. You must follow the guidelines of Amazon FBA such as Amazon packing guidelines and shipping and routing requirements.

4. Create a shipping plan, print Amazon shipment ID labels, and send shipments to Amazon fulfillment centers. Learn more about sending inventory to Amazon. Once Amazon receives products at the fulfillment center, the items are available for customers to buy. Visit Seller Central Help to learn about how to manage FBA orders.
Amazon Order Fulfillment Process

What is Amazon Order Fulfillment process and how it works;

Amazon order Fulfillment process  means the complete process from scratch to end. It includes Product storage, it’s packing, and shipping, even handling returns and replacements. Many Sellers handle order fulfillment by themself, while most of them use Fulfillment by Amazon.

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Why Amazon Fulfillment is better than Seller Fulfillment?

Amazon Warehouse provides higher capacity for order fulfilment significantly higher than any third-party fulfillment. While Amazon has much better human resource to manage daily activities in the order fulfilment.

The total cost for fulfilling an order using FBA is frequently less expensive or comparable to anything a seller can get, thanks to Amazon’s industry-leading shipping rates with the major carriers and Amazon’s overall scale in operating enormous warehouse facilities.

Moreover, if product stickering or bagging is necessary but the seller does not wish to do that at its own facility, Amazon offers those add-on services.

All of a seller’s merchandise can be transferred straight to the 3PL site if it doesn’t wish to possess any warehouse space of its own. In this case, the 3PL effectively serves as the seller’s entirely outsourced warehouse facility and personnel.

While 3PL charges vary low and many of them are becoming more competitive on pricing. Amazon is facing competition in performance as well.