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Plan of action is one the importnt things in Amazon seller central. It shows your activities which you did with your amazon customers while providing the customer services. On the other hand plan of action is basically required after the suspension of any Amazon account, to reactivate the deactivated amazon sellers account yet. Always remember one thing that be clear and concise while writing the Action plan.

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How to write a Plan of Action ?

A Plan of Action should answer the following questions:

1.  What are the Root Cause of your account ?

2.  What Actions you have taken to resolve the issue of your account ?

3.  What steps will you take to prevnet the issue for future ? 


Finally you can use all these steps to fulfill your requirements. Equally important that you have to be very clear while writing the action plan.

plan of action

A.  Provide explanation for all issues. 

B.  Give evidence for all the items.

C.  Highlighted area in your supporting documents. 

Do's and don'ts for the Plan of Action:

1)  Don’t send them immidiate reply by clicking the Apply button.

2)  Do keep it simple and give them actual facts.

3)  Important thing is that “don’t blame the buyers” 

4)  Include a short introductory paragraph. 

5)  Always try to aware the policies of amazon

How you can write a detailed plan of action?


At first you have to remember one thing that a detailed plan of action with all the relevent documents is the only way to recover your account. Finally it is very important for the amazon sellers to complete awareness about the Plan of action so that,  such type of issue if you face in future than your knowledge and your experience with amazon will help you at the movement.  

In addition with the experience of yours at amazon, you have to update yourself time to time about the amazon polices. Which will help you every time. So that if you face any problem which is related POA you can easily handle it with your knowledge and exprience in future. 

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