The first step in writing a great Amazon suspension appeal letter for Valid Tracking Rate issue is;

  1. First of all read it carefully and think deeply about why Amazon sent the appeal letter.
  2. Especially sellers are served with two types of suspensions. One is VTR violation Second is OTDR Violation.
Valid Tracking Rate

What is Valid Tracking Rate (VTR)?

Valid Tracking Rate is an accomplishment cadent that quantify, how frequently you use Valid tracking numeral on orders. This metric reflects Amazon customers’ expectations; where their orders are and when they will receive them.

You will need to provide the information mentioned below during dispatch-confirm:-

  • You have to provide the name of the shipping service provider used for all merchant fulfilled orders. 
  • The tracking ID for merchant-fulfilled orders delivered with a tracked delivery method/shipping service or the unique parcel ID (located above the 2D bar codeon the label) in case you use the Royal Mail 24®/48® delivery methods or Royal Mail 1st and 2nd Class delivery methods.
  • Ensure that you enter the above information as soon as you hand over your package to the delivery service provider; tracking information takes up to 72 hrs for the Valid Tracking Rate report and metric to reflect the changes. 

You will be required to reach 95% Valid Tracking Rate (VTR):-

Domestic shipments:-

Valid Tracking Rate measured on all domestic shipments delivered through integrated delivery service providers including; any orders delivered with Royal Mail 24®/48® and Royal Mail 1st and 2nd Class delivery methods. While calculating VTR, Amazon excludes shipment from the untracked delivery method. If you provide the name of an untracked delivery method identical to one in the delivery service drop-down menu of the confirm shipment page..

Shipments out of China directly to customers:-

  • You are required to use a shipping service provider that is delivery-track-integrated with Amazon for all items purchased on
  • For all collections with a principal “equal to or above GBP 5″, including shipping charges, use a fully tracked delivery method that provides at least two scans (including a delivery scan/attempt)..      

There are multiple Reasons for Your Suspension in Valid Tracking Rate issue

Suspensions for Selling Privileges:-

If you don’t follow Amazon’s rules, your account gets suspended. When you have so many negative feedback, so many late deliveries, or a history of theoretical property infringement, your selling privileges get suspended anytime. Some sellers get their accounts suspended for failing to supply their accounts with the demanded attestation.        

You should keep track of your account health to check how many contravention you have, under your name and take steps to avoid persisting similar misdeeds. If you do not, Amazon will serve a suspension letter, no question asked. Subsequently, you can not sell on Amazon unless you persuade them to re-establish your account. 

Product Listing Suspensions:-

In fact Product listing is a place where your account gets suspended on Amazon. If you sell prohibited items or the items which have violated Amazon’s restricted product policies, then Amazon will suspend that specific product. If you do not prevent these violations, the Amazon can suspend your account altogether. 

When you identified that Amazon has suspended your seller account due to Valid Tracking rate policy violation only then prepare a Plan of Action:-

  • Moreover what is the main reason for orders Invalid Tracking?
  • What was the issue with the supplier not providing correct tracking?
  • The courier provider delivers the product late then. What is the solution for invalid tracking?  
  • Is your supplier courier servicelegitimate and reliable? 

Try to go as extremely into the problem, using as simple a language as possible, draft a plan that reassure. Amazon that you acknowledge what the difficulty is. Then tell them that you are taking the appropriate measures to prevent repeated offenses of the same kind.     

Start writing a plan of Action that states

  • Root cause of  Valid Tracking Rate below than 95%.
  • Actions you have taken to resolve the Valid Tracking Rateissue.
  • Steps you have taken to prevent the issue of Valid Tracking Rate issuegoing forward.

Root cause of Valid Tracking Rate Below than the Target:-

Failure to meet 95% target in Account health; for this metric could result in negative impact. An increase in claims will impact your selling account status. So, in the root cause, you have to mention the main reason for the VTR below the target.

The actions you have taken to resolve the Valid Tracking Rate issue:-

Here you have to write the immediate actions to resolve the current issue. Explain the specific steps taken to fix this current problem. When we talk about the VTR then; you need to add all the related information of the Supplier. Because when you drop ship, the Supplier provides the tracking details.

The steps you have taken to prevent the issue of Valid Tracking Rate issue going forward:- 

Create proactive measures you plan to resolve similar situations from occurring in the future. If you are preparing a Plan of Action for VTR, you have to write all the actions carefully. You must add like a pact with the old supplier or a contract with the new supplier regarding tracking.  

Review And Submit Your Appeal Letter:-

While investigating your letter, make sure to read it over and over again. You must ensure that everything is in order and that the appeal is flawless.  

If you have any doubts about what you’ve written, then make the necessary changes before sending the appeal.