Possibly your seller account is at risk of Suspension or already it is deactivated, You Can contact our team for an Amazon Appeal Letter to help you in submit of your appeal in more accurate way.

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Dropshipping suspended account gather as much information as you can:-

  • Read the email carefully.
  • Find the root cause of suspension
  • Be ready for all possible outcomes

Make a Plan for working formulation:-

An action plan is a definitive checklist of tasks and resources needed to complete a project or achieve a goal. Afterwords, you can imagine of it as a visual countdown to the project delivery or a list of tasks needed to achieve desired results.  
  • Research more about department
  • Observe your mistakes
  • Create a Plan of Action
  • Steps you have to take to prevent future issue
  • Prepare all the required evidences    

Start preparing a plan of Action:-

In other words, developing an action plan clarifies goals to be achieved, teams and service providers to involve, tasks, dependencies, milestones, and resources needed to complete the project. Plan of action also helps to track progress and measure project performance.  

Easy to read structure

Wait for response    

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How to Avoid Amazon seller account Suspensions in Dropshipping?

Indeed, if you want to save your seller account from suspension then you have to maintain some criterias of amazon according to Amazon’s guidelines.   

The connection between dropshippers and amazon, Concluding flourish most of the power. According to the Wall Street Journal, sellers report 60%+ increase in profits once they join the Amazon marketplace. And with a report 5 million sellers on the platform, Amazon can afford to play fast and loose when administer account suspensions. Think about it, there are so many new dropshippers who are starting their career in it, and they have to face the situation of amazon account suspension.      

Furthermore, with such a vast pool of business person, analyzing each contravention in detail would be a practice in uselessness. Especially, since suspensions don’t really dent Amazon’s bottom line. Plus, Amazon’s entire business model hinges upon taking rigorous safeguards that make sure both product details and inventory are of the outstanding quality.     

Therefore, as easy as it is to get suspended as an Amazon seller, it’s considerably more difficult to be reinstated even if you aren’t at fault. What you need to know, which  is below some of the more common amazon account suspension structure so you can boost your dropshipping business the right way.       

Send your Appeal to Amazon:-

On the other hand, with your Amazon Plan of Action, send it to Amazon Seller Performance with your request for reinstatement. Use the “Appeal” button in the Performance > Performance Notification screen or email it to [email protected] 

Additional Information:- 

You can find additional information in your Amazon Seller Central page under Appeals for Suspended or Blocked Accounts. 

Finally, the best way to avoid Amazon suspensions, is to do everything right — from product sourcing through order fulfillment to customer support. It can be immensed to keep track of all that details..